Sunday, January 9, 2011

the beauty of urban decay.

you will all have realised by now that i love old things.  it's true.  i do.  but i really love old things that have been placed/styled with a sense of humour.

i have come across a bar in paris that does just that.

derriere in paris is a private club that looks more like your friends loungeroom.  it is eccentric and personal.  there are LP's, postcards, souvenirs, antiques, vintage furniture and a tiny bower where a constant reel of projections hits the wall,.  almost like stepping into a constantly evolving piece of performance art.

there are boudoir furnished rooms, with fireplaces and fume mirrors, dressed with erotic wallpaper, velvet sofas, slanting shelves that seem any moment capeable of falling.  

everything seems to be hung in suspension.  guests feel caught between dreamstate, home and a movie set.

i love it.

the lighting in the smoking room is from a cluster of chandeliers.  the sofa is made of recycled wood upholstered with soundproof material.  the room is eccentric and personal.

in a moresque bathroom, a bath is used as a sink, and a cluster of vintage mirrors is hung on the wall.

a picture of an unknown french actress (circa 1970's) looks over a blue ping pong table....

glamorous decay indeed.

it's on the list.

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Sorry, no- I hate it! I couldn't feel comfortable in that mess!

plain jane styling said...

really? I love the fact that your eye rests on something different each time you scan the space. that each object works as well by itself as it does in the context of the room,... I love the mismatched clutter,...but also the glamour and history linked to each item... couldn't live in it,..but would love to meet a friend there for a cocktail!!

Carolyn said...

Possibly with enough cocktails the room would "right" itself? I love it .. funnily enough, the slanting bookcases look just like mine, except my shelves are straight - its just the contents that are skewed.xh