Friday, December 10, 2010

today's vintage pretty,...

today has been 'paperwork' day.  a day of filling in forms (hopefully for something exciting!),...trapsing to the bank,... making boring phone calls,..and creating spreadsheets.


however, I did pop in to visit a lovely friend,..and left with this vintage pretty!

it brightened up my afternoon,...and is now brightening up my kitchen wall!

I am off to a vintage fashion fair tomorrow, hopefully will come back with some amazing pieces!

Stay tuned!!!

jane xx


Brooke Alexander said...

It's peonies season and I saw a gorgeous bunch at DJ's for $29! Will scout about will be my treat. But I love this painting .. what a find! Now you can have peonies all year round ... Bx

plain jane styling said...

Ooohhhh! LOVE peonies!! They are my favourite flower! Am trying to convince the 'gardnener' in the family that a peonie rose bush would be a lovely chrissy gift,.. we shall see! lol xxxx

Toni said...


jacki said...

Was a lovely find!
And lovely to see you as always xx

plain jane styling said...

and you, my love xx