Thursday, December 9, 2010

favourite things,.. the ritual of tea.

I thought that every now and again, I would show you all some of my favourite things,...  most likely these things will eventually end up as part of a range for sale in my store, I guess this is sort of a teaser! 

when rafferty goes down for a nap, I love to sit on the couch with my laptop,.and a pot of tea.

I have a favourite teapot. It is pretty, whimsical and brews a good cuppa!  My daughter, Lottie, loves to draw the peonie rose and swallow featured on the side, and I have thought more than once about getting a tattoo inspired by the artwork.

today I am drinking a herbal chai bought locally from Ikou..

what are some of your favourite little rituals?  

have a great day everyone!

jane xx


sbb said...

Oh Jane i am the tea ritual is with a Moroccan set {with bruised mint and heck of alot of sugar}

plain jane styling said...

yummm... that sounds amazing! The moroccan apple tisane at t2 is very good btw!