Tuesday, December 14, 2010

stylish christmas gifts for kiddies,..

i thought, as my kids don't yet read my blog, i would show you all (in secret) a couple of the things we have bought our kiddies for christmas. 

we tend not to have many plasticky, gimmicky, merchandised items in our house (apart from rafferty's wooden 'thomas' trainset).  i prefer our kids to use their own imagination when playing.

here are a couple of great, slightly old fashioned, but still funky ideas for kids!

we bought this fabulous teepee from

i can't wait to see what games the kids come up with inside the teepee!

i also bought these funky little 'suitcases' from DumplingDynasty.

this one for lottie,...

and these ones for the boys!

all great for imaginative play, and so stylish!

do they remind you of your childhood?  

jane xx

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