Tuesday, December 14, 2010

crayons can be stylish too!

i was just watching my littlest fellow, Rafferty, struggle with some crayons,..he just couldn't get a good enough grip to make decent markings,...

so,..i decided to make some 'rafferty friendly' crayons.

really simple to do,..and look so funky!

i broke up a packet of wax crayons into a greased muffin tray,.and popped them in a moderate oven for about 5minutes.  then straight into the fridge until hard.

in the meantime, i made a cute little fabric crayon roll out of a vintage teatowel..

cute, huh?!

jane xx


Kangaskippy said...

Oh wow, gosh you think of the most ingenious things!! and are cute to boot!

we have lots of broken crayons, so I am now off to make some crayon "muffins"

thank you gorgeous for such a beautiful and inspiring blog!

Sheridan said...

oh I love this, what a great idea.

Aunt Annie said...


plain jane styling said...

well,... make'em!