Monday, December 20, 2010

a beachy kaftan,....

let me start by saying that it is currently 5 degrees at our house.

however,. the postman delivered a package this morning containing 1 vintage seersucker tablecloth.

a tablecloth i had bought to make a kaftan with.

what's a girl to do but make that kaftan!

it is a very simple design (check out the lovely 'beach vintage' blog for instructions) consisting of a vintage lace doilie and a seersucker tablecloth.

here is the gorgeous design on the tablecloth i used.

and here is the finished product!

so.....  even though it is 6 degrees outside, i know what i will be wearing (in the comfort of my centrally heated house), when i drink my 'summer' gin&tonic tonight!

jane xx


Rafa said...

Wow! You are so talented Jane:)

plain jane styling said...

thanks Honey,....but I'm not really,...pretty easy to make xxx

Sheridan said...

that's cute! it would really suit you.

Aunt Annie said...

Listen duffer, it's not about it being easy to make- it's the concept that's brilliant. You are truly amazing!!