Monday, December 13, 2010

the christmas table,...

i got an email from a lovely girlfriend of mine this morning, asking if i could post any ideas for dressing the christmas day table,.... so i thought about it for a moment or two, and got to work!

i love the theatre of christmas.  the thought of all of your family and friends sitting around a long table,..eating beautiful food,..drinking good wine,..laughing,....happy times.

however, i hate christmas theming.  tinsel,,.green,.plastic, get my drift.

anyway,..enough self indulgent waffling.

here is what i came up with this morning.

colour IS important when decorating a table.  i like to choose one colour and then work around that with creams, whites and neutral tones.

the first thing i did this morning was to walk around the garden and see what flowers were blooming.  i had a few blue hydrangeas and some lovely fragrant, creamy gardenias.  perfect christmas florals!

i love grouping a couple of floral arrangements together in different vessels.  i think it adds contrast and texture to the table setting.  it also enables you to use different types of flowers that would not necessarily work well together in a single arrangement.  this gardenia would get lost within a clump of hydrangea,..but works beautifully as a feature flower.

i also love the contrast of the tiny antique silver shot pourer against the cut crystal vase.  don't be afraid to use vessels that are not typically 'vases'.

i love the idea of using this vintage meat safe as additional 'storage' on the table....or if you are outside, it would be lovely hanging from a tree branch overhead.  i use it to hold the condiments that often don't look pretty on a styled table,...  or to hold the decantered wine,..or even just an arrangement of candles..  pretty.

i like to use vintage silverware whenever possible.  the shapes and colour are quite beautiful.  i also like to use vintage linen napkins,..again for the texture and colour.

vintage, mismatched china plates also adds a touch of muted colour and whimsy.

these vintage, silver goblets are so opulent!  i use them all the time!!

so there you go!  that is what my table will look like this christmas day.

if you like any of these items,..then drop me a message!  chances are, i will have it in stock available for purchase,...or i will try and source it for you.

jane xx


BabyMac said...

Looks FAB Jane. All my hydrangeas are still waiting to come into bloom and I can't wait to get them inside. Nothing prettier than a full bloom - instant beauty!

plain jane styling said...

I know, Beth! I have a post all lined up for tomorrow showcasing the rest of the hydrangeas,.. they are in the laundry with their heads soaking as we speak!! such incredible colours this year...

Jo said...

Please please tell me that vintage meat safe is for sale!!!!

plain jane styling said...

sorry, Jo,... this particular one isn't,.... but I can source one for you if you would like?

Jo said...

yes please!!! I just adore that idea to use it as a condiment holder :)

(this is Jodi Van Osselaer btw, you can contact me via FB if you do find it.. fingers crossed!)

plain jane styling said...

shall do, love xx