Monday, November 7, 2011

the bad blogger.

i discovered over the weekend that i was definitely more stylist than blogger.

you're not following?


i went to two fabulous launches and totally forgot to photograph anything.  there were people on their iPhones left, right and centre.  

not me.

too interested in looking at paint colours, and chatting away with other stylists.


i went to the launch of mr jason grant's new colour range for murabond.  delightfully entitled 'road trip'.

then i went to sibella court's launch of her new book 

(a must buy for christmas btw).

if you want to check out some photos and a report by a *real* blogger, then pop over to

(she mentioned me in her post, i must have been there!)

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

It doesn't mean that you're a bad blogger. You're actually interacting with your world instead of just recording it, and that will make for original insights later. The great blogger observes first, then synthesises and shares.


plain jane styling said...

it was so funny though AA,. all these gorgeous folk rushing around with phones/cameras etc capturing EVERYTHING,.and EVERYONE. nice to stand back and network the old fashioned way :) xx

Claudia Lane said...

i know what u mean happens to me all the time, he he!

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

All i can say is that thank goodness we have a photographer to help us out with the market other wise i would not have any pictures to show for it.

Aunt Annie said...

PJ, I like your style! There's more to an occasion than taking photos of it- people will remember you, because you took the time to speak to them. :)