Sunday, October 9, 2011


i have a slight obsession with bones and skulls at the moment.

nothing unhealthy though.  promise!

i came across a buffalo skull on a blog that had been carved,.  it was incredibly earthy and beautiful, but decorative at the same time.

now, i knew that i was no where near enough to tackle a carving like this.


i adore it.

so, i thought about trying to find a curvy, rams skull and finding a way of attaching some wickedly punk metal studs to the horns.

enter mr rams skull.

nice horns.  but a wee bit bland.

a quick trip to birdsall leather where i knew they had some metal studs.

(the weathered, country chap at birdsall did look at me a bit strangely when i asked for 'some studs that i could possibly use to drill into bone),..and even more strangely when i followed that up with 'i'm not a serial killer,...promise'!)

i then spent the next hour or so marking dots on the horns and using a drill to make holes over the markings.

a bit of strong glue in the holes made sure the studs fixed tightly.

and voila!

mr rams head from pymble is now mr. rammstein!

he looks totally at home rocking the black wall of our front porch, don't you think!?

(i could be convinced to make some more, so send me an email if you want to punk up your suburb!)

jane xx

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naughtyshorts! said...

Miss Jane, these skulls are all over bali. I was very tempted to buy one, but I held back as I wasn't sure we could get them through customs. But if you researched it I bet that you could sort something out if you were to go on a sourcing trip...