Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my deco cane lounge may be getting a glam makeover.

so, is anyone sick of me waxing lyrical over the merits of black yet?

oh well.

sorry about that.

i picked up the new issue of inside out magazine today.

Inside Out magazine cover
loving the black wall on the cover!  but i digress.

i got to page 24.  then i stopped.  as did my heart.

i think you'll all remember the search for the art deco cane lounge suite?  a successful search, as i am now the owner of an art deco cane lounge suite.  recently, however, i have been looking at it, and not *really* loving it that much.  

it's beige.

i don't do beige.

page 24 confirmed the solution.

and, of course, the solution is black.

this gorgeous, glossy black furniture is gracing the patio of brisbane jewellery designer chelsea de luca's divine home.

perfect, no?

makes me want to start painting my cane today!

also makes me want to move straight into her glorious home..

divine, divine, divine.

jane xx

1 comment:

Romana said...

yes please! Can't wait to get my hands on this one, thanks for the heads up! And have fun painting!!
Romana :)