Monday, May 30, 2011

your home is your castle.

i grew up in a beautiful house on sydney's north shore.

my mum had gorgeous taste, and everything was *always* perfect.  there were rooms we were not allowed to go into (due to putting prints in the carpet), sinks we could not wash our hands in, and god forbid we sat on our bed after mum had made it!

and, i can honestly say, that every wall in the house was painted a slight variation of the same pale blue.  or was it pale green?  doesn't matter.

i am sure that my mum comes over to our place and quietly shakes her head over the decisions we make in our space.

she wouldn't understand my decision to spend 2 hours last night attaching white ducks feathers (with fishing line) to a dirty big branch i chopped from a tree outside.

and she *definately* wouldn't understand my decision to hang it on a freshly painted wall.

and that's ok.

we love it.

i love that my kids come home from playing with their friends,..or from going to school,..or from feeding the rabbits, to find that something inside has changed.

whether it be as simple as moving furniture around.  or, painting walls,.  or hanging twigs.

nothing remains the same.

and why should it?

your home is your castle.  have some FUN with it!

paint the hallway "brothel" pink if you want.  The kitchen floor *may* look awesome painted apple green.  the lounge room wall is crying out for an ecclectic 'wall sculpture'.  the couch might just look cool against the other wall.  that old rustic trunk feels as if it could become a funky industrial coffee table.  the vase in the kitchen is crying out for a couple of gorgeous green leaves plucked from the garden.

do it.

what's stopping you?

you may not like it?  oh well.  then you can formulate more exactly what indeed you *do* like, and what works for your family and your space.

don't be afraid to attach photos / images directly to the wall with tape.  don't be afraid to bring the outside in.

don't be afraid to change it up a bit.

live a little people!  own your space!

on another note, i am seriously lusting after a barnacle.  something like this.

gorgeous, no?

love your space, friends.

(here endeth the lesson!)

jane xx


Rebecca DaCosta said...

We have that coral in our fish tank! We got it from the aquarium on King St! Bec

plain jane styling said...

Oooh,.. Thanks for that Bec! I shall pop in and have a look xxx

mel said...

YES!!! at last, someone doing things THEIR WAY!!,, here here miss jane, in my opinion our environment , home, interiors should be about what WE like , love and be forever changing is creative , refreshing, fun and extremely rewarding, who after, all wants to be looking at the same thing the rest of their lives??? your own person, create your own look, and dont give a second thought as to what others may think , they dont have to live in it!...i also have that it in bondi, they come bali apparently....happy painting and

plain jane styling said...

Yes, Mel! Perfectly said! You need a blog ;D