Sunday, May 1, 2011

unlikely objects can make lovely decoration.

we have a beautiful old pear tree that stands just outside our bathroom window.

in recent days, it has lost all of it's leaves and has revealed gnarled, knobbled branches for winter.

they are incredibly sculptural and beautiful.

as i was heading to a shoot last week, i chopped off a part of branch and put it in the boot of the car.  thought it may come in handy for something.

i ended up threading vibrant pink dahlias along the branch and then suspending it infront of the cyc.

an effective and very feminine result.  almost looks like japanese cherry blossom, no?

got me thinking about the gorgeous, sculptural qualities of the branch.  which, in turn, led me to the giant, dove grey wall in our quite industrial lounge space.

so, i decided to lop another branch (sorry tree), and create a vignette with the branch and some very masculine vintage maps in frames.  

the result is a quite charming mash of feminine & masculine elements.  all of them interchangeable at whim.

here are some more images,..

i love it.  gives the space a third dimension.  don't be afraid to use objects like this in your space.  afterall, doesn't cost anything to give it a go.  

jane xx

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Claudia Lane said...

Looks beautiful Jane. Have a great w/end :))