Tuesday, May 3, 2011

have you got a card?

i love business cards.

i have a gorgeous, creamy yellow vintage, ceramic vase on my desk that is filled with people's cards.

they tell you a lot about a person, don't you think?

the colours they use.  the typography.  the finish to the card.  the size.  

a bubbly, vibrant show director i met last week handed over a bubbly, red business card with a sleek satin finish.  it was a perfect representation of her personality on card.

a vintage goods vendor i know has an bespoke luggage tag stamped with her details.  it is perfect for her and represents her business perfectly.

my own business card is large, square and terribly 'plain'.  the font is whimsical but not overpowering.  it is more of a postcard than a business card really, with a large space on the flip-side to write details for clients.  i think it does it's job perfectly.  people never fail to comment on it.

at the moment, i am starting to think about the 'identity' for a new business venture.  trying to work out it's personality.  a business name.  the font to use.  the style of the business card. the colours that will best represent the concept.

and this is where i think many people fall down.  not enough thought goes into their identity.  consequently their business card is not a true representation of it's owner.  it gets lost in the crowd.

can't see any of these being lost in the crowd.

you spend a bunch of time prepping for meetings.  working out how best to present yourself.  don't let your 'image' on paper let you down.

(i will now get off my 'business identity soapbox and go back to daydreaming about typography).

jane xx


Zoe said...

That is so bloody funny Jane, I'm working on mine RIGHT NOW!! Started yesterday!!! Have lots of fun love, I am!! Shall send you a copy in the mail once hot off the press and also an invite to my Art exhibition in 6 mths! that is the time plan... maybe seven...(Shall expect a beauty from you too & am looking forward to seeing what you create! ) please post to...30 Broughton St, Concord, 2137 How exciting!! Yay! Zoe x

annie said...

I think business cards are like handwritten thank you notes...so important and they too say a lot about a person.

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hello Jane,

I have just found you and have read all your posts so far to this post about the business cards...lol...love it, love your blog, and now are following...I too look for such along time before I found my web design and business card to match, I also wanted something that stood out from everyone else, I also get many compliments on how it looks as they have never seen anything like it her in Australia, which I find quite strange really, I know all I wanted was something bold, loud, elegant, with a touch of vintage romance...I think you can view it as my little icon here in the comments and also as my little profile pic on my blog, because I change my styling often and to what I sell as well I think it works well not to mention my gift tags that I make.

thanks for such an amazing blog I have had such a wonderful read.

xxx Kirstie

Adeline Country Cottage said...

oh and I forgot to mention...love the name and I think you business card that you have now is right on the money...perfect name to a perfect business card.

xxx Kirstie