Thursday, April 14, 2011

thank you,..i'd love to come.

event season is well and truly kicking off.

the weather is perfect,...  everybody is well into the swing of the year,..  weddings,.  press launches,..  new collaborations,..  it's  all hottin' up.

i am loving that 'vintage' is a prominent theme at the moment,.  whether it be with a product launch,..or a wedding,..or a private party,. people are loving the 'homemade' look.

and who can blame them?  

dining 'experiences' are being held in peoples homes, launches are being staged in apple orchards,. weddings are bespoke and natural... florals whimsical and blowsy,..chairs mismatched and colourful.

team elements like this with superb catering and expert event management and it is a recipe for success.

i love it.

relax and enjoy the party, friends.  unless, of course, you are the producer! <wink>.

jane xx

(images via pinterest)


Aunt Annie said...

Love what they've done with those fairy lights and milk bottles!

Pinecone said...

I really love all things homemade with a lived in look.
Great everything!

Claudia Lane said...

Jane these images are great...sigh!
Hope you are having a good day
Claudia xo