Thursday, April 28, 2011

shoot day

today is set to be a great day.

see all this stuff?

it is all about to be loaded into the boot of my car (along with the mossy branches,...wooden ladder,...toy cart and other random things i may need) to go to style a range for plus maternity.  i am really excited about seeing my friend nadine again,..i haven't seen her for 7years (and 4 children between the both of us!).  first stop this morning is to pop into my gorgeous friend lisa who owns dragonfly floral design.  she is kindly donating flowers for today's shoot. (love friends like this).  and then it's on to igloo studios from there.

then, this evening, my partner in crime (and events) and i are starting stage one of the bump-in of what is set to be an amazing wedding at sun studios.  we are working with the amazing team at georgeous occasions (ex melbourne) on their first event in NSW!  can't wait!

such a busy day.

must fly.

jane xx


Penny said...

Can't wait to see the photos of all of it! Have a lovely day.

oscar and ruby said...

Oh, lucky you! Would love to work with the ladies of Georgeous. They do some fab work! Let me know if you need an extra pair of hands this evening/tomorrow ; )
Can't wait to see pics of the wedding

Claudia Lane said...

Sounds fun Jane. Have a great day :))