Sunday, April 17, 2011


goodness me.

what an incredibly odd twelve hours.  

shall we all begin again?

a blog is a very personal outpouring,..  an online diary of sorts,..  i started my blog quite simply to share beautiful / thought provoking / creative ideas and images with people who were interested enough to stop by and have a look.  

creativity and originality are important to my business model,...but don't need to be an overriding factor in the world of styling.  

the job of a stylist, is, quite simply,. to style.

sure,. some stylists are also designers,..thought leaders,...trail blazers,.  but not all the time.

my aim of this blog is not to push new and original ideas at every chance,..  but to show people what inspires me.  to showcase the things that i am loving at the moment,..  to promote the business ventures of my friends and colleagues,..and, quite simply, to share the world of styling with folk who are interested.

'interested' being the operative word.

such is the beauty of the internet.

if you don't like it, can close the page down,.. walk away,.. turn your laptop off. 

not necessarily leave rude and disrespectful comments at the bottom of posts.

this blog is not about that.

enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.

jane xx


Claudia Lane said...

Jane sounds like you had one of those "losers" coming through your blog. They are out there unfortunately and you've got to feel sorry for them, they are pathetic really. I had one of those come across my life last Friday and yes it was very upsetting, no doubt about that. The problem with those people is that they want you to feel like you're doing something wrong but the reality is "You are great and doing nothing wrong" and she/he needs to get a life because the one has got obviously sucks. xo

Juz said...

Claudia sums it up Jane, we said.
You rock PJ.

Juz said...

post should read :-

Claudia sums it up, well said.
You rock PJ.

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Wow, just read all the comments from anonymous. What a weirdo - and just plain mean.

plain jane styling said...

I know Briar,... weirdo,.. such an odd post to take offense to, really!

oscar and ruby said...

oh dear, Jane, things really went downhill after I stopped checking in on those comments in the previous post. I'm glad it hasn't stopped you from compiling beautiful images and promoting others wonderful ventures. Jess,

Meaghan said...

That was very eloquently said Jane. I'm so pleased you wrote it. When I read the rude post I was tempted to write something myself, but I thought it was probably best I kept my thoughts to myself. My parents taught me if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm not sure why some people get such a thrill out of being nasty to others. I'm about to launch my own blog and I must say it makes me a little nervous about having to deal with stuff like that. You handled it beautifully. I think your blog is great. I read it often and find it "grown up" and inspiring. Thank you

plain jane styling said...

Thanks for that Meaghan... Don't let internet bullies stop you from launching your blog,.please! I look forward to reading it! pj xx

Anonymous said...

Its so silly that you even have to create a post to explain yourself on your own blog. I think your blog and styling is gorgeous. Its so great that you haven't been discouraged by dumb commenters! Why they even bother leaving one is beyond me!

plain jane styling said...

thanks Sarah,.. such is life in a 'public' domain, I guess! pjxx

Foxyloxy said...

I am so glad you made this post. Your blog brings me pure joy! I just adore it. I felt really upset when I read that post from the aggressive, anonymous bully. So horrible. Keep writing p.j. Bring joy into our lives! X