Saturday, April 23, 2011

oprah gets styled.

like all good semi-rural, tree-change, city folk living under the guise of being 'country' folk, we have chickens.

(phew,...what a sentence!)


the majority of them are called le-anne (thanks to middle son), but we also have a bossy black chook named oprah,...a ditzy white chook called marilyn... and a pair of lovey-dovey french ducks (named manu and gigi).


oprah demanded a nate berkus style 'coop' makeover.

well,..i can assume she did.  she constantly looks at me with her head cocked to the side,..beady eyes glaring as she delicately picks her way through the duck poo on the floor of her coop as we open the door for the day.


i felt the pressure.

yesterday we began work.  (with oprah's beady eyes watching the entire time.)

we have decided on a hamptons style coop to go with the style of our house.  i can picture it now.  lots of wood panelling (painted black with white trimming),..a pitched roof,..and a massive vintage barn door.  

unfortunately, the reality is sure to be slightly different, as the makeover team booked on this gig is less nate berkus and more 'my old mate doofus'..however, we do have the vintage barn door.

i will show you all some pictures when the makeover is complete.

in the meantime,...  here are some totally gorgeous chook coops.  (i know,..they were all in oprah's tearbook!)

sorry oprah.

jane xx


Anonymous said...

Nice blog :)

plain jane styling said...

thanks doll :)