Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rule britannia - cushion concept #2

i have wanted a union jack cushion for some time now,...

or even better,

a vintage union jack flag to make into a cushion.

however, i keep on baulking at spending upwards of $100 on a cushion,..and nearly $500 on a flag.

time to think outside the box.

yesterday i started mucking around with fabric paint.

you can get some lovely screen printing paint for as little as $9 per bottle.

then look online for a union jack to copy.

mask up some calico with tape.

and paint colour at a time, leaving the fabric to dry in between colours.

i think it is going to look fabulous as a cushion!

stay tuned for the results.

jane xx


Anna White said...

Fantastic most certainly will look fabulous..well done lovely x

plain jane styling said...

thanks doll :)x

Claudia Lane said...

Oh yes pls give me more britannia inspired it, love it, love it!!! :))
Have a great one Jane xo