Tuesday, February 22, 2011


thank you to the gorgeous my noosa beachhouse
who passed this lil award on to me!

so sweet.

apparently there are 3 things you must do on accepting this award.  (drinking champagne is surely the 4th?) 

1) thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2) share 7 things about yourself (hmmmm)
3) award great bloggers that you've recently discovered

soooo,... here goes,...7 things about me.

1)we recently bought a labrador puppy (hazel), because I had the grand notion of planting hazelnut trees in our garden and propagating truffles! 

2) I have a background in audio visual production and could happily sit and discuss the perspex lecterns for hours!

3) I always carry a roll of black gaff tape.  (see daggyness of statement #2)

4) I usually go to bed before 21:00.  every night.  

5) I love to pick things,..and water things,..  an evening of bliss for me is picking berries in the garden with a glass of wine.

6) I buy far too many interior design magazines,..  at least one every couple of days.

7) I **secretly** would love to sit for an artist, and have them create a (gorgeous, of course) painting of me,..which they would then gift to me,....  

so,. there you go!

and,..the blogs I am 'loving sick' at the moment are

jane xx


Melissa said...

hi- lovely to have found you!

adore your stall and all the goodies...you wouldn't have got rid of my gorgeous teen gal and i....
we would have lurked around your stall all day!

funny enough- i posted a little part of my sewing room and vintage china that pretty much fits into your style...ladder and all...last friday!

a perfect match!

melissa x

BabyMac said...

Thanks Jane. It's not every day you are loved sick and I like it! Glad all went well with the meeting x