Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a study in colour...carrie.

i took myself off to look at colours for carrie yesterday...  i know,..i'm getting a little ahead of myself,..but instant gratification and all that jazz propelled me fowards to the paint department!

it was 40degrees in the paint department.

needless to say, i came to some quick decisions.

black and cream.

(black & cream images courtesy of 'Etc' by sibella court)

it's a classic combination. elegant. easy to add pops of colour to.

the outside of carrie will be painted cream with my logo along the side in black. (i will have to source a signwriter for that).

a black and cream awning will be erected along her side.
with some vintage fabric bunting,.
i am thinking that the inside will also be cream,......but i am leaning towards a little aquamarine on the woodwork.  something like this.

this is the inside of the gorgeous 'sunny' of perpetual one,... and i am a little smitten by the choice of colour.

or,..i may mute it slightly and use cream and dark grey/charcoal.


jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

The last photo isn't showing up, hon. Like the black and cream, a great canvas- commercially speaking you want the goods highlighted, not the background.

Me and Mine Today said...

Na skip the charcoal, Looooove the black and cream! xx