Monday, February 7, 2011

reclaim the space day!

our home office has been looking a little less than stylish of late.

mr. plain runs his business from home,...and we all seem to use the study as a bit of a dumping ground for things.  broken something?  put it on the desk in the study.  letters?  on the desk in the study.  random screws/bolts/hose fittings/batteries?  yup.  on the desk in the study.

today i reclaimed the pretty girly space that i knew the study could be!

here are some before shots.  (embarrassing, i know.)

and here is the result!

much better! (however, i still have to finish the black enamel painting around the windows, and the walls all need a good coat of chalk USA).

 mr. plain, leave irrigation hosing on that clean white desk at your own peril!

jane xx


Aunt Annie said...

Will you excommunicate me if say I like the before shots better? lol...

...except maybe the desk... but that's gone from 'chaos' to 'arid'... a desk is for creativity!

Pinecone said...

Gorgeous room!! Your really have a great eye!

plain jane styling said...

thanks Ashlyn! pjxxx