Monday, February 14, 2011

excuse me, does this bus stop at silverwater remand centre?

i love typography.  i also love anything vintage or vintage industrial. 

consequently, it should not come as much of a surprise that i have been coveting a bus roll, or destination blind for some time now.

just before christmas i decided that mr. plain should have one for his birthday.  

i began my search by contacting the bus depots in sydney.  (i could have easily bought one from doug up on bourke,..but chose not to). ryde bus depot had one solitary vintage bus roll left available for sale!  bingo.

a week later it arrived.

all 50metres of it.

mr. plain constructed a 'frame' that allows it to hang, partly rolled, down the 8metre wall in our lounge room.

it has place names on it all the way from ryde to central,,..balmain and the inner west,.QVB,.. and my favourite - silverwater remand centre.

we can change the 'destinations' at will,...  but will start here.

utterly fabulous.

jane xx


Claudia Lane said...

Love it! I have a canvas "bus roll" in my lounge room and although is only tiny compared to yours is very precious to me. Hope you'r having a good Monday :))

plain jane styling said...

They are very cool, eh Claudia!? Every time I walk down the hallway, there it is!!! In all it's massive glory!!!!

Aunt Annie said...

Scuse me please, does this house stop at Haberfield? LOL many memories!

plain jane styling said...

Acutally, Candy, there IS a Haberfield stop!