Friday, February 4, 2011

a bottle of bollinger, aging rockstar,..and a picnic rug (well,..vintage indian quilt).

so, plain (tee hee) and i are off on a jaunt this weekend.

to see sting perform in a vineyard.

to drink champagne.

to pop in and out of antique stores at whim.

to eat cheese and proscuitto and crusty bread.

to drink red wine.

to sleep in.

all those things that get forgotten about when you have small children.

but mainly to see sting.

(and drink bollinger!)

see you monday 



BabyMac said...

Sounds bloody fabulous. Have fun and stay cool. At least you will be well hydrated...

Toni said...

I'm not jealous...much.
Have a blast ( ;

Sheridan said...

oh you lucky thing! you obviously have a good support system. Something I only dream about. In my next life I am definitely going to have that!