Thursday, January 20, 2011

simply lovely,..

early blog today.  

i am up and coffee'd.  kids have been awake since 5am, and are happily watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert!  (worryingly, they are laughing in all the right places,..hmm,.)

and,'s raining.

but,...look at he beautiful images i found in my inbox this morn...

tara sloggett

(read the full article over at daily imprint,..)

turquoise mashed with pink,..  wooden country furniture nestled aside industrial metal,...shoe lasts,...vintage scrabble pieces,..gorgeous flowers,....antique silverware,....floral fabric,..and a truely divine bathroom basin.

it's lovely, eh?

jane xx


Toni said...

wow, these are stunning. Love them all! So inspiring!

plain jane styling said...

I know Ton,.. the colours work so well for me,.. and the textures are incredible,....