Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on the buses.

i love vintage bus rolls.

the typography and the vintage industrial nature of them had me at the mere mention of 'mascot'.

if you don't know what i am talking about,..  here is one in Miss Court's house.

and a couple of others,....

and i **may** be in the market for one of my own....  but more about that later.

in the meantime,..look at this super cute little poster i picked up on etsy!

 i found a great, solid old 'schoolroom' picture frame at an op-shop yesterday,.for the grand sum of 70cents!

and the kids LOVE it!

looks cool, huh?!

jane xx


Anonymous said...

I have one custom made in our lounge room. There is 13 lines and each one we put places we lived, coffee shop, fav restaurants, streets our children and we have lived in including Harriet's Park etc. Everyone always comments, def a family treasure!

plain jane styling said...

yes! I have seen these! Such a fabulous, personal treasure... I looked at getting one made for my husband,..but have decided to try and 'obtain' an original pjxxx