Wednesday, January 12, 2011

make mine a green tea please. #1

so, i came home with lots of little china teacups yesterday,..  i love my nanna side!

however,..i got them home,..looked at them,..and went, blah,...teacups.  so what.  you can get them anywhere.

so i had a think.

and came up with 2 ideas to spice up your teacup!

here is the first.

mr rafferty's pudgy fingers sure look cute!

i drilled a small drainage hole in the bottom of the teacup.  if you brace the china with a piece of gaff or masking tape first, the china won't crack. then i lined the bottom with a square of hessian. then planted some gorgeous baby herbs.

i used spicy basil and chives.

so cute.

a dainty little herb garden to pretty up your kitchen windowsill.

perfect gift for a baby shower,..birthday,..mothers day,..  

be back later with idea #2.

jane xx

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