Friday, January 21, 2011

friday pretties,..

it has been such a gorgeous day at home today,...  lots of outside time in the rose garden,...amongst the fruit trees,.and just enjoying the sunshine.

didn't leave much time for blogland,..

however,..i did sneek in a project,..and something truely fabulous arrived in the mail,..  so all is not lost!

so,....i have two things to share with you.

we are having a garden party at home on australia day,..complete with a truely australian outdoor movie screening,..  so, i set about prettying up the garden a little.  i decided to stick with the green colour scheme,..everything is so incredibly green after all the rain,.. and i thought i would compliment the green with a soft cream.

i popped in to visit my gorgeous friend jacki in the little vintage shop she works in,.and picked up some sweet vintage hankies.  they even smelled like my nana!
here is miss jacki at frou-frou,...  isn't she something else?  

i cut the hankies into a combination of rectangles and triangles,.. added some vintage doilies,..

and made some garden party bunting.

it looks lovely fluttering away in the sweet smelling breeze....

here is the second thing i **needed** to share,..

an age ago i ordered a custom made rubber stamp from primele in New York.  

today it arrived!

i am well chuffed with it.  so are the kids,..who have 'plain jane' stamped all up and down their arms!

off now to water the roses, and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

jane xx


BabyMac said...

Thank GOODNESS it arrived! Love all of it! Garden bunting? Genius.

plain jane styling said...

a bit o'bunting would look fabulous framing your verandah,....perfect for a little girls garden tea party! pjxx

Claudia Lane said...

hi Jane! I've just found your blog., I adore it. I'm your latest follower :))

plain jane styling said...

hi claudia! so fabulous to have you along for the ride! pjxx

Foxyloxy said...

Oh Jane! That bunting is so beautiful! Heaven! Enjoy your garden party! It sounds wonderful!

plain jane styling said...

thank you miss foxyloxy! no doubt there will be a resulting blog post! pjxx