Saturday, January 8, 2011

carrie,.. the beginning.

today we are going to begin work on Carrie.

i am so excited.  but to be honest, i just want it to be finished already!  i am ready for the next stage,..taking her out into the world,...this part of the project is a wee bit dull.


i am looking at interiors today.

originally i thought i would go for a simple, classic, black and cream theme for the interior.  but that really doesn't sit well with the quirky part of my personality,.and does not do the 1950's aspect that much justice either.

so,..i am now pondering cream and aquamarine/duck egg blue/turquoise.

i found the above website the other day,..and got a little inspired!

a turquoise canvas cushion on the seats with a cream piping would look fabulous, i think!?

look at these images to get the concept of the colour scheme,..

and these ones for how the renovated insides of our girl may look,..

let the work begin! (oh,..and the sun has come out just in time too,...must be a sign!)

happy saturday everyone.

jane xx


BabyMac said...

All the way TURQUOISE! You know how I feel about that colour (hello wing chair from heaven I am talking to you). It works so well with everything, fits with the 50's theme and will lift your spirits each and every time you hop into her.

Can't wait to see the progress!

plain jane styling said...

oooh yeah! Your fabulous wing chair!! I am in love with that wing chair!

Sweet Birdie Blue said...

i would also go via the TURQ!!! love that colour